India Debt Capital Market Summit 2023 – Onwards And Upwards

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As India aspires to become a Developed Nation by 2047, the Indian bond market is Onwards And Upwards and fueling the growth momentum for the country. We have witnessed the Indian debt markets expanding boundaries, deepening credit availability, innovating transaction structures, and reaching new heights of volumes. In addition, regulatory changes are enhancing transparency and efficiency of the system.

The 3rd Edition of India's Debt Capital Market Summit - "Onwards And Upwards” on December 1st, 2023 in Mumbai will showcase the emerging growth pillars of the Indian economy and the Indian bond market’s contribution to the growth. The summit aims to provide a platform to share the views of market participants and thought leaders via panel discussions and plenary sessions.

The Trust Group has been pivotal in supporting the growth of the Indian Debt markets by being at the forefront of innovation and continually aligned with ever-evolving investor and issuer requirements. We have ensured collaboration across all stakeholders to create innovation in product offerings, agility in solutions and ultimately deepen the Indian Debt capital market.

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Agenda 1st DECEMBER, 2023

Trust event 2022
Trust event 2022

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